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Bluegun – USA Made Training Simulators


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About this item

  • Bluegun Firearm Training Simulator
  • Material: Polymer
  • Made in USA

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

FSG17, FSG17G5, FSG19, FSG19G5, FSG21, FSG21G4, FSG21SF, FSG26, FSG26G4, FSG26G5, FSG30, FSG30S, FSG34, FSG36, FSG37, FSG40G4, FSG41G4, FSG42, FSG43, FSG43X, FSG43X-MOS, FSG47-MOS, FSG48, FSG48-MOS, FSP320M17, FSP320M18, FSP365FF, FSS1911, FSSWMP92.0C, FSTG3C


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